….. everytime eggs do not fall in egg holder….

Uff!! it is the reaction when i read a article in a national newspaper about rape and murder of british teenager Scarlette keeling on Anjuna beach in Goa. A slight amusement came out when I surf the british newspaper website to get the idea or their coverage of the issue..

They say we need more women in sensitive position to empower women. no doubt about it in general, they have been living in a male dominated society in which over the time they are being taken for granted. India has a pathetic record when it comes to gender inequalities or children malnutrition.. well, this is not about all this.. this particular episode have some travesty of this popular belief.

media is one of the sensitive place where there is significant numbers of women in sensitive position. From tv anchor to top notch journalist. The particular handling of this episode (tragedy) shows that merely having women journalist in place does not guarantees that gender politics will also fall in place. What seemed to be at work was the pretence of a populist concession to public concerns…

Someone is raped and murder, thats in general a very sensitive issue at least for those who cares about the world around them otherwise it just 80 year long life,, and philosophies like “I want to break free” and ” live it to full extent” are taken in very wrong way. Every report on tv starts with the pictures of the bruised body of the victim so that the audience can be kept glued to their seats.. On talk shows and in media, some stupid questioned her mother sexual behaviour. We Indian love to find fault in everything, thats the gift we have, afterall we have a society which vastly differs, differences are obvious and we have criticla eyes! Ok back to the point.. Producers may argue, As to increase TRP on which familiar hook on which to peg the story? half of the story tells us to think about the image of the Goa which is already infused with dissent intertwined with the corrupt image of Politicians regarding SEZ and sexual behaviour of tourists. Where was the sensitivity to the gender issues in the whole damn coverage? Its not a issue to be discussed in tabloids between the pages depicting girls in bikini.. Somewhre, in parallel to someone’s death and rape .. death and rape of the Goa were used.. Do we have any sensitivity for anyone who is got into the problematic situation but refused to play victim, well thats not the case in particular here!

There were negative sensitivity though, highlighting her tatoos and her alternative lifestyle contributing her daughter death, producing details about her past sexual life. Media is becoming drama, Education is now training, rape and murder are being started justified indirectly, prostitution is not a problem now for some though the implications seems to be so serious for the society as a whole..

In the mean time .. Honourable State minister of maharashtra, pointing to the farmers suicide in the state, said that committing suicide is a crime, they should be grateful that I am not filing a case against them. While Chief Justice of India yesterday said- “Chief Justice of India is not a public servant but a constitutional authority.”.. What made them think so is not clear, pressure of work or just an innocent observation…

things are not going well around us!

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