Love, Profession and Cast !!

Do all of them have anything in common, think!! No.?

There have been a lot of debate in media about reservations and all other related things. I dont want to talk about what is good or bad for others. The other topic ‘love’ has nothing to do with cast here in particular, its the time we are living in gives a interesting relation with them.

Lets take love first, since most of the teenagers think about it a lot in some way or other. I am not going to be philosophical here. We only like to considers the aspects which we shows each other during romance. (Interestingly people have this problem “she/he does not understands me. I am different. She/He does not understand it. Dude! you are as good as you behave. Inside you are as good as Ram/Sita, I dont give a damn. Its your behaviors that I can understand not your intentions.) Anyway, the economy is progressing, the reeks or professionalism is coming into our personal life, the justification of meeting ends by any means is being approved by the youth. Professionalism comes with a lot of problems. After rapid industrialization, there was a need to make the workers think in same way. Here in this white collar world, since we are good at hijacking the language, we use professional instead of calling ourselves laborer. It sound nice, media supports it. We write books about it extolling its virtue. Its a conspiracy hatched by some eminent businessman to make so called educated person “submissive”. Give this tag of ‘professional’ and force them to do what we like. Money comes a adhesive and/or motivational factor. Most of the companies can not stand individual creativity. The need to make all of them think for them needs an appealing concepts. So they came up with “profession”. It kills the joys in life. We left love, ok! So do you want to be in a relationship? No thanks! I am concentrating on my career. Fair enough! What about when you are on the job? No thanks, I am concentrating on my career. Is that too hard to keep the professional and personal life advancing together? How come having a relationship can hamper your other part of life? Ok, you did not have nice experience with the last relationship. it was all foolish. So what to worry about it! it hurts! chuck it! hard though but doing it not impossible. You dont want to get committed its early, you dont want hanging around with someone without having a relationship either. Homo sapience are amazing. No other species have that much complication. Are we stuck in between having a casual relationship and soulmate hunting? or The professionalism is extending itself over to our emotional horizon too. No body would deny staying alone sucks! Even darwin couldn’t resist it!

I dont want to comment about cast. So what is the relationship among them. Really nothing!

Consider this.. Love, profession and Cast are handling modernity really well, its the modernity who does not have a freaking idea what to do with them?

Perhaps changes are coming really fast in out life. I am afraid that as a society we are not ready for them. Rising intolerance around the world is alarming!

Hey, last point. Everyone who roams around in India wonders what keeping it together with so much of diversity. A system is stable in nature when either it is perfect or completly chaotic. Our diversity is so much and it is very near to chaos. Even though We Indians hate each other, we can not focus our hate-enegry on someone specific. We are blessed to be able to hate 999 out of 1000 person we meet. So little time, so many to hate. Oh man! give us a break.

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