Conversation with a little kid, Ayush…

Yesterday while watching CN at my Paying Guest residence, two kids came there bubbling around.. One was a boy and other was a girl. They were happy that I was watching CN. When their mummy came, he said, “Mummy, ye bhaiya bhi cartoon dekhte hai..” with a wide smile on his face. Later they went to shopping and Ayush that kid stayed with me.

I taught him how to tie show-laces which he found very easy. Then I made him a paper camera which is by the way very famous :-) … He was happy with that.Then a bird and elephant and donkey uising papers. When I was making them, He asked, “Bhaiya ye doosre bed par kaun sota hai. Aapki girldriend?” Hehe, nahi mera roommate. Tumhe lagta hai meri girlfriend yaha soti hogi.”.
“Aapki girlfriend hai naa?”
“Hmmm,, lets say no! Tumhari hai”
“Haan! do hai naa!!”
“Arrey wah, par ye to gandi baat hai.. ek hi girlfrined honi chaiye.”

He smiled and said ,“Theek hai ek ko main chor dunga, use aap rakh lena.
Kitna achcha bachcha tha.. I asked, “Kaun si wali”
“Meri do girlfried hai, Yana aur
“some name i forgot” aap Yana ko le lena.”
“Kyu Yana tumhe pasand nahi hai..”
“Arrey bhaiya … pahle to mujhse itna ladti thi naa… mujhe dekhte ki ladne lagti thi.. main use bolta tha ‘Yaana main tera bana dunga banana!”

“To fir woh tumhari girlfreind kaise bani”
“lambi kahani hai, aap use rakh lena par woh bahut choti hai!”
“Koi baat nahi, saath main cartoon dekhne ke kaam aayegi”
“Haan! par jab main aau to usko bhaga dena fir hum dekhenge, Doremon aur Dragon-ball Z”
“Woh Goku bala aur uska beta Gohan”
“Arrey bhaiya ab to uske bete ka bhi beta ho gaya hai..”

His parents came back after shopping and so I had to say good-night after giving him and his sister all the paper-folding I had made for them.

Nov 28, 2009
Evening 6- 8 pm

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