The curious case of Man

He was just like any other animal walking on His four legs with his head, heart, stomach in same level. All of them were empty. But the emptiness of stomach was only obvious for him for Mind had not evolved in His Brain yet. The only things that motivated him were were his Stomach and his Penis.

Suddenly one day, He stood up on his legs and declare that his Brain takes the most prominent position in His body. He held his Head high, gazing in to the horizon. Curiosity took over him and a little Mind started evolving in His Brain. Though his Stomach did not like it, He did not confront it for they had no ideas to put against it. He never argued but they had a plan to reclaim their authority over Man. He would make some nasty sound whenever It get empty and the Man had to stop thinking and had to start hunting. His Penis had no problem at all. He always knew there is no way Its share in His life is going down.

Amazingly, both of them knew that they have to corrupt the Brain. How they acquire such a knowledge is hard to say. Mind was growing up, they decided they will influence it. Mind will ultimately be the voice of Brain. Why not influence it? But communicating with Mind met with a challenge. First they were far from Brain and the only linker between them and Brain, the Heart, was still empty, not conducive. There was no one who can send their messages to Mind. Brain was so happy seeing the wonders on the top of himself, he did not care whether someone down there planning to corrupt Mind, His avatar – who was so dear to It.

Our two legged animal now felt so different that He declared himself to be totally different from animal and named himself Human. From now on, It was He, the Human, a Man.

But He was not alone. There was She. She was now totally different for Him. Enabled with His brain he could get curious about her. But She was so strange from any thing He had seen till now or He had tried to explore. She was a mystery. A mystery so profound that His Brain could not understand its depth. Or perhaps He was afraid of loosing time from other problems, problems that would make Him very famous. His Brain dumb these mysteries to His Heart in hope to figure them out some other day. Who would worry about her, no one in His circle wants to know about her. She was a personal curiosity not to be discussed in public.

 These mysteries likes their new home. His Heart liked them all. Heart was so enchanted with them that for many time its pace would get disturbed. It would beat faster, some times way to fast. Sometimes It was so hard to sleep for Man. The Brain felt that He should come to the rescue of Man but It could not decipher them. To hide Its limited capabilities and embarrassment, It’d declared, “These problems are not solvable for they are not problems at all but FEELINGS, From now on, I’ll will not ponder over the matters of this stupid Heart. I have a universe to understand.” Since then He is still facing this problem.

His Penis was happy. Now He can claim his authority over Him with the help of some FEELINGS. Only the Stomach was sad for his loss of honor. He was not abasing his head now like animals to fill his Stomach. He was now enjoying smell of rose rather thinking about next meal. What a downfall!!

He was enticed. Some FEELINGS were identified in that era. Like Love, Happiness, Hate, Envy. How? Its hard to say. Mind never took the challenge to try to understand them in public for It was afraid of loosing Its well established position of  ‘know-it-all’. But in private, It would think about them, only to loose confidence. Oh, the Confidence. So strong was the temptation of not loosing it that it threatened Brain so much not to indulge in such activity, activities which were obscure with no guarantee of success.

Mind and Heart were doing well in their domain for Stomach was in background. Stomach was satisfied for a lot of time so It did not trouble Man. After Mind figure out Agriculture, Stomach authority was reduced to dust. No body was thinking about Him. He was sad. But He saw hope in Heart. Somehow, Heart had won over Mind in many of the ways. No longer Mind came Heart way in many of the matters. Few areas in Man’s life were controlled by Heart. Stomach waited for the right time. He was sensing that already A new feeling was born in Heart. May be He can use it. It was named Greed. But the real chance came very late. It came when society evolved. And with it Morality. And with it, limitation on Mind.

Society came to the Man and ask him to do a particular task rather then running around here and there all the time.
“Why?” Man questioned.

“Don’t you see, If we all do particular task and get expert in it, We can produce much more. We all be happy.”
“I am happy!” Man persisted.

“Oh you stupid Man. No you are not happy. No one is happy. Happiness is a pursuit. It can only be strove for, longed for, worked for but It is not to be achieved. Do not live in ‘maya’. Look at your kids. They are half naked and trembling in cold. Look at your wife, She works so hard for so little. We all to have work so less and We’ll get so much. You are so intelligent. We’ll find you a better work than other. More materials is what is the essential part. We should consume more. This is better. You ought to do better works.”

“What is a better work?”

“Don’t you see. In which you have to do less labor. Less labor is  ‘intellectual’. All you have to do to think and solve the problems for which others do not have the capabilities. The life of contemplation so others can live a life of actions. Yes, you need to tell others about what actions are good or bad.”

His Mind loved it. It convinced him that yes indeed ‘division of labour’ is a good idea. “But What will I eat if I do not do labor in My farm.”

“We have a guy who has solved this problem, in fact He is with us. He speak a language which We have trouble understanding.. He is like a magician. In fact, He has invisible hands. He ought to be right. May be you should talk to him and explain to us what He exactly means.”

“Whats your name? ” Asked the man to this weired looking guy.

“Market. I am Market.”

Greed and Stomach were talking to each other with a mysterious look.

Man and Market talked about this new order for a long time. Man noticed that this Market does not have invisible hands. In fact, There was no hand at all. Market looked at him with a scorn and smile and said, “I should tell you the things as they are. I must be honest with you for without you I have no future and without me you will suffer. I do not like Hands. They represents Labour and I hate Labour. Think Man think, You are the most Intelligent person here. See how much power we both can have if you allow to be take over this world.”
“Power”, Man thought.
“I will make sure that your children will get all the benefits even if they are not as intelligent as you are. I’ll maintain prosperity in your hierarchy. Are you thinking of exposing me? Do not even consider that. Then you will have to live like a laborer and my time is coming, you like it or not. And I hate laborers. In my time, they are going to pay for doing labour. What you think? Think about your family, your children, your status in society. Besides you will have so much time to think and a lot of authority!! Power, my friend, power….”

His Mind, Brain, Stomach were all convinced. The Penis was thinking if It can find a fortune in this new establishment. He and Lust were exchanging glances.

“Look”, says Market. “We will talk about theory of Market now. Like I have invisible hands”

“But this is a myth”, Man ventured. He has started understanding His language.

“Yes, indeed, It is a myth. The the danger is people will criticize it. But I call it Theory. Myth are allowed to be challenged, Every one is allowed to have one version of it or another. Theories are not to be criticized. No one would challenge it.”

“Do you think no one will challenge it.”

“Oh you and your curiosity. Some will, but I have found a way out of it. See in my hand this shiny thing, This is Money. I’ll reward those who will fall in line. They are never going to argue about my authority.”

“This piece of Metal, Do you thing for this Man will give his soul to you.”

“Oh, you know  so little about you. Do you like to be my partner or not? I’ll explain other things to you later. For now, We need to convince the society or perhaps We should confuse them.”

“We are going to bring DEVELOPMENT”, said the Man to the society. “There might be some creative destruction, Some of you will have to suffer but your children will be better off. A new order is coming. In which all Man will be equal, Some will be more equal and Few will be much equal, Rest will be working with Market. But after all, All Man will be equal. Market is here for our salvation for we are so poor. Lets work together for better Future”

Few were skeptics but they though they could not understand Him. He was always mysterious in good way. He was scholar also for He had discovered fire. He can not be wrong. They trusted Him.  But ‘better future’ filled their heart with the most strong feeling ever, The Hope.

And that day, Stomach knew Its time has come!

Over the time, Stomach had  reclaimed his lost authority. In fact, He never felt so strong. His heart was giving space to those feelings who were in sync with the interest of stomach. His mind is tackling problems which will make His stomach fatter. His Penis is busy exploring all the hidden prosperity for itself. Indeed, It is the most happy in those days.

But the Market kept all the promises He made to Man. And still His Hands are still believed to be invisible.

Modified on : Feb 12, 2010

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