A trip to Nellyampathy

Last week we went to Kerala for a wedding. The place of wedding was near to Palakkad. Palkkad can be a good base for further trekking. It has many lodges and costly hotels (whichever you prefer). From here, one can take a bus to Nelliampathi village. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach the village. Last bus from the village to Palakkad is at 5:30 pm; so plan accordingly. There is small eating place at the bus-stop which is pretty good, and they don’t over-charge you for anything.

Photo Credit: Anushree N

The hike through tea plantation was awesome. tea You can also take jeep from the village to go into the reserved forest. Inside the forest, you are not suppose to walk on foot; but we did for a little while anyway ;-). intothewild jkeep If you are visiting during monsoon (July – December), do carry rain-jacket and extra socks; extra of almost everything drench-able. And heed my warning about leaches and rarely appearing scorpion. leach rain scorpion

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