About this blog

I had to migrate this blog from http://dilawarsays.blogspot.in/ to here. I deleted my all old social-media profiles, including google. I couldn’t keep blogger profile alone. Apologies to my regular readers.

I have used wordpress before for writing my technical blogs . Its interface is cleaner and better than blogspot. I was reluctant to move this blog from blogspot to here for sake of loosing readership. What what one can do? With google, its a package deal; either everything or nothing at all.

I started this blog during my post-graduation. I used to write anything random appeared on my mind. But these days I only write about my society and my experiences in this world. Older posts on this blog may not be compatible with my views these days. They do have some personal emotional appeal to me. This is why they are still here and are not updated or deleted.

I am trying my hands at English poetry these days. Despite all pitfalls and snares, I’ve come to love English language. Hopefully, one day, I shall master this language as well. Meanwhile pardon my grammar.

Please feel free to drop a comment. I may not be able to reply quickly, but I will get back to you as soon as I get time.

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