Farm Bill | Err on the side of caution

My father is a farmer. He works and lives in western U.P., a relatively prosperous area in terms of ground-water and road connectivity. He is not sufficiently poor. He managed to pay for my college (circa 2007). I spent the first 21 years of my life in the village, often working on the farms. It … Continue reading Farm Bill | Err on the side of caution

Rule and Person

In the extent to which societies are governed by rule or person, in traditional societies based on agriculture, personal factors counts for almost everything. People are able to take finer personal distinctions in their businesses and other day-to-day work. In these societies, personal links can be used (or misused) for practically any purpose; and a … Continue reading Rule and Person

Do we really need ‘strong’ leaders?

The media coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela and retirement of Sachin Tendulkar brought back the memory of an old essay written 'on charisma' by German sociologist Max Weber. I asked a German colleague how many charismatic personalities he knows in politics in his country. He responded somewhat indirectly, "There are some, but usually … Continue reading Do we really need ‘strong’ leaders?