Arithmetic and marriage

Few days ago, I read a newspaper story. On suspecting that bridegrooms is illiterate, the bride put him under an arithmetic test: "how much is 15 + 6?". And when the answer given was 17, she called off the marriage. A few childhood memories popped up. When I was a kid, my father asked me … Continue reading Arithmetic and marriage

A trip to Antergange

One of my lab-mates hikes to psychologically anneal himself. May be hiking is some sort of spiritual experience for him as doing assignments is for me. He planned for a night hiking around Antergange. Oliver told me that we'd pass through some villages during trekking, I enthusiastically joined them. Also I like the company of … Continue reading A trip to Antergange

Its tough being in farming, impossible to leave it!

Impossible is nothing? Try becoming a farmer for a week! "No nation is permitted to live in ignorance with impunity." --Thomas Jefferson  In order to get your attention, let me boast a little bit. I was one of the 100 percentile in GATE-2007. So I was able to convince my family to let me spend more time in … Continue reading Its tough being in farming, impossible to leave it!