art, mathematics and girls

Well that could be the article of the century. Lets start from art, i believe that art is somewhat cojugate to nature. What we are lacking in nature, human mind somehow intrigued by it and abstractly created this divine discipline. See the mordern building, artifects around you, all essentially have corners or sharp geometry which nature lacks, natural music is essentially chaotic and random ( most of the poet call it music like bird’s cipper, waterfall sound etc), while human music is governed by some rules ( some would like to argure about hip-hop and rap music, that also have certain rhythm.). With the advances in chaos theory, this theory may collapse one day. Well, till then who cares. Now mathematics which is generally belived as a language to describe nature. As i earlier said nature is complement and/or conjugate to art, girls generally dont like mathematics ( as a language of nature, conjugate of art ) because they like art first. I think i solved a mystry and deserve a nobel prize ( or atleast ignobel. :-) )
There could be one more argument, i believe women are more developed than men as far as human development is considered. They imbibe the more human natures, well that i need not to explain, if you are girl u know it and often proudly flaunt it, and if you are a boy than also u know it at least from your mom. These all human feelings requires your heart to dominate over your mind ( don’t get into the biology of these parts ), thats why girls weep a lot more than boys do after a breakup, i have seen boys weeping or sobbing too but they dont show it, it is not considered manly. Girls can do it, may flaunt it too. Mathematics such a logical subject where there sould not be a place for emotions will hardly get any girl interested by herself. Well, there is no question of someone ability to do well in math, its just a matter of liking. If girls can do wonder with art which in itself is the most abstract subject, why cant it be in abstract algebra.
Some eminent scholars have argued that all the subjects are essentially a part of the divine subject ( i too somehow believe it), taken this into account, All is bullshit! the bug stops here!


are you serious…

I am facing a real dilemma, how you feel when you are surrounded by really SERIOUS people who not just look serious, talk serious, may be think serious and perhaps eat serious. Most importantly, they give me a serious look, worse than my mother used to give me whenever I forgot my schoolbag in primary school in early childhood. It really patrified me. Not even students, prof here also the same with some exception of course. Well i am not going to talk about them, i am still here and don’t want to be thrown out of the IIT right away.
Now i am really serious about this seriousness, i want to think about it. What really seriousness is? Why think when you have wikipedia around. i checked it, it is also not that much serious, nothing is there. Then, ” requiring effort or concentration; complex and not easy to answer or solve“. oops, if it is seriousness, then in MPD class i am damn serious, but most of the people say they get serious to solve some problem, not to just get confused, so i am not serious in MPD class. honestly, i feel only one thing about being serious, when people are around and you are serious, then you want to show your importance or difference, if you are alone and you are serious, then your life is miserable or perhaps out of track. When you are serious while you are studying or working, then you want to fool yourself that you can do better than you can really do. In any case I dont find it honest to be serious in any part of life.
Confusing thing about it that everyone has a diffirent definition of seriousness. So i think its futile to carry on this thing which is subjective.

You, me and feedabck

I just love the concept of feedback, negative in particular. It makes lifestable and every system whatsoever. Its just not about system engineering or anyother discipline, it is pervasive in every aspect of your life and mine too, ofcourse. Consider a simple example, quite interesting and relevant, a girl and aboy fall in love with each other, they started giving compliments to each other,giving each other best of their criticism. Thats nothing but a positivefeedback. I can not draw a figure here, otherwise it could be more lucid. Now,one starts loving other more, that in itself is positive feedback, its increasethe love of the other person for the first one. Here we got a loop, just like incase of astable multi-vibrator. This ‘love-system’ now reaches its maximum valueafter a time when the response of each person saturates. This is due to themental and physical capabilities of the each individuals. You don’t have to beKurt Godel to figure out that when a system is running at its full capacity, itbound to be collapsed. The time it takes to collapse depends on the variousaspects of the individuals, these aspects, lets call them components of thesystem. Maturity, level of compromising nature, level of ego, etc could betermed as the characteristics of these components which sets the time limit ofthis collapse. But for sure, it will collapse. That what happen in the lovemarriages where there a loop is established of positive nature. For sustaining arelationship, there is a vital need of negative feedback, though it induce manyparameters which in turn degrade short term performance. Initially it mayfacilitate large settling time ( which in our system of interest is strength ofrelationship) if feedback coefficient is high. So make sure, negative feedbackcoefficient should be small enough, otherwise your system is not going to givethe desired output, and hence no question of stability. Well i have to perfectthis theory, right now i am feeling hungry, gotta go for dinner.
This theory can be applied to homosexual too. I am not sex biased!
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